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The MultiTasking SUP is a highly enjoyable all-round board. The central drift is not needed, it is only functional for the sails. The particular lines of water favor a smooth passage on the wave of explorations.



Our MultiTasking SUP can also fit a WindSup sail. Its mast is made of carbon fibre and can be dismantled into four section, easily stored a transportable bag. The mast is inserted into the deck of the board through a mast base. The boom is also removable and stores in a bag like its sail.  The centreboard is compulsory for sailing and must be inserted into the central slot.



This is an innovation that revolutionizes the sailboard concept. The MultiTasking SUP can be fitted with an Optimist sail (tethered sail), which consists of a sail fastened to a mast, in turn inserted into a mast base. The latter is screwed to the deck by means of a special attachment, so the sail is free to turn on itself and does not fall into the water.

Its supine conduction makes the SUP MultiTasking a versatile tool, i.e. it is also ideal for people with motor difficulties. Inspired by the Optimist sail concept, FLO’SAIL has invented a supine rig, a useful and creative solution, unseen before.



Snorkelling literally means swimming along the water surface  equipped with a mask, snorkel and fins. However, not everyone has the aquatic skills to do this. Our MultiTasking SUP fits a bathyscape on the stern – ideal for exploring the seabed and conducting  marine excursions and projects.



Il SUP Multitasking è dotato di un formidabile schienale (chaise longue) predisposto a poppa, esso è particolarmente indicato per gli appassionati del connubio acqua, sole, relax. In barca, per il bagno in baia, la tavola diventerà una specie di piattaforma galleggiante dove tutta la famiglia potrà giocare in piena sicurezza. La tavola si presta ad essere usata come un prendisole e consentirà la più banale delle attività, vogare con le mani, lo schienale rialzerà il busto all’altezza giusta per remeggiare senza che l’ondina dell’acqua disturbi il bagnante.


It’s easy to convert the MultiTasking SUP into a kayak or canoe with the appropriate kit. By fitting the seat and foot restraint you can facilitate paddling from a sitting position.  Moreover, the stability and manoeuvrability of the board ensure good navigation skills, allowing you to explore large expanses of water safely and calmly including paddling upstream on river exploration expeditions.



The MultiTasking SUP board is also designed to carry out patrol and rescue missions at sea. Its six safety handles and backrest make the board particularly reliable for transporting people in difficulty  in the water but also on land as if it were a stretcher. In the event of adverse marine weather conditions, you can paddle MultiTasking SUP in a kneeling position, just like an Australian rescue board.


The MultiTasking SUP can fit a special handrail for disabled people. This feature helps people get back into doing exercises despite their handicap. It can be adapted to make the board suitable for all water activities for people with motor difficulties, obviously under the supervision of experienced and qualified staff.


SUP is one of the few sports where you look ahead to see what’s behind it.

What Can You Get from MultiTasking SUP?