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Technical aids for the disabled


Many studies show that water sports have positive effects in cases of anxiety and depression, disorders that are more noticeable in people with disabilities who are generally forced to live a more sedentary lifestyle.

In Italy and Germany people with registered disabilities can apply for tax concessions and discounts when purchasing Flo’Sail materials. Please check to see if your nation's government offers similar schemes. Fill the form

Optimist Sup Sail


Disabled people, who are limited in their movements, can take up the sport of sailing, the SUP Optimist lying down, as a motor activity within everyone’s reach. Flo’Sail’s innovation makes the sport of sailing accessible to everyone. The aim of the SUP Optimist lying down is to integrate people with disabilities through sport according to their abilities and where everyone is a protagonist. The sport of board sailing is probably one of the most complete sports of all, as it promotes physical well-being and quality of life. The lying SUP Optimist is an innovation that revolutionises the concept of the sailing board. The board is rigged with a small sail set on a mast, which in turn is inserted into a special fixed mast foot screwed to the SUP deck, so the sail is free to turn on itself and does not fall into the water. This is a new way of sailing and lying down makes it easier for people with disabilities, the device is characterised by a solid and stable structure, there is a non-slip pad on the deck and there are also 6 safety handles. The hydrodynamic appendage, the indentation in the middle of the board makes it easier to get on the board from the water. In addition, the backrest provides suitable support for the spine for correct posture when sailing lying down. The sailing activity favours the muscular development of the disabled person.

Sup with Disabled person’s


Another Flo’Sail invention is the Disabled Board, a product specifically designed for holidays and for bathing for people with disabilities or limitations in movement. The equipped board allows disabled people an independent use of the SUP, moving in the water is an extraordinarily important fact also at a psychological level, since it is the element that has accompanied us throughout the evolutionary process of our species and accompanies us in the most important moments of our lives. The board is extremely solid and stable on the water. The disabled stainless steel handle firmly attached to the deck of the board has several functions:

1. Levering with your hands to climb out of the water manoeuvre normally impossible without the help of a person.

2. People with disabilities in their lower limbs can paddle while straddling by gripping the support with their crotch.

3. Aid and safety accessory for navigating in kayak mode.