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Use functions

ATOLL is a complementary platform for our inflatable boards. It measures 3 mt in diameter and its more than 600 lt litres ensure a stable platform for SUP schools, fitness  and aerobics centres, holiday villages, hotels etc.

ATOLL is a platform for teachers and instructors from which they they guide course participants before everyone heads off in formation having learnt what to do. And when the flotilla returns, everyone moors docks back at the Flo’Sail ATOLL!



The ATOLL platform has been designed to integrate with the MultiTasking SUP inflatable board and Kids SUP kids to create an amazing island for the whole family.
ATOLL is ideal as a fun training, fitness and yoga centre and a wonderful attraction point for  nautical and fitness centres, SUP Schools, tourist villages, school groups  and the disabled. Really useful for guided water activities and fitness and yoga routines with music. Boards are easily moored to the ATOLL with stainless steel “D” rings as participants share the experience of getting to know the sea.

Nautical Centres


Our ATOLL has been built and designed in a way that makes it easy to hire out – it’s an ideal platform from where trainers and instructors  can provide sailing advice and suggestions. 

Nautical Centres will come to see ATOLL as a valid professional support for organising a variety of activities: SUP school, fitness, aerobics, etc.

Beginners in particular will appreciate this new way of teaching with the instructor giving  lessons from the platform.

ATOLL  can also assist  people with disabilities to learn all about the  SUP experience, especially sailing.

Tourists on the beach who see the ATOLL platform with the SUPs moored around it can’t fail to be attracted by this novel concept People will soon be signing up  or group outings and aerobic courses taught by  instructors from the platform.